Dear Vitae member


Please find below the Vitae Teaser Video as the first part of our new marketing campaign.

The goal of this video is to give the world a high level view of the Vitae Vision.


If you want to build your Vitae Business as a network marketeer, the first step to approach a new prospect would be sending this Teaser Video.


If your prospect is interested in Vitae, you can ask him or her the following question:

"If I send you a video that explains what we have to offer, would you watch it and give me your feedback?"


After a positive response, give them more detailed information about our project by sending them the Vitae Marketing video which can be found on the next page or click here.


When you are successful in recruiting a new Vitae Member, you can use our Tutorial Video to introduce your prospect to the Member Back Office and Social Media Platform. Vitae Tutorial Video can be found here.


Remember that helping and supporting your team is what we do at Vitae. 


We are Vitae!